Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Wheel... part II

This cat likes to steal my seat and as such I've used her to model with my 1st ball of yarn.

100% western Pennsylvania

So you see my skeinwinder next to my laptop.

I do things while I do this, mostly watch various videos.

The cat like most cats is curios about soft fuzzy things.

I haven't washed this fiber and it is quite dirty. I wonder how different it will be after I wash it. I think that that will not happen until after I knit it.

To keep the dust down, I've used a waterless shampoo for cats. I spray it on the raw fiber right after I spread it on the carder, just a little.

then I spray it again when I draw it out into the squiggly stuff to spin.

my hands end up pretty dirty. I think they'll get dirty when I knit this stuff too.

I do actually have a bit of carded alpaca that I bought at silver something in Gibsonia. I think I'll try spinning that up.

The Wheel has Arrived!

It's here and I've been busy.

All right. I've got to tell you a few things.

Again, I am annoyed by the blogger format. I guess there are better ones? I just messed something up and it ruined my train of thought.

Right, so I don't think I said that currently I acquired black and beige raw alpaca. LOTS of it.

I am figuring this stuff out and it's been fun.

Oh jeez, here's pictures of things that sorta show the process. I'm not doing things exactly right.

I most just watched videos on youtube to figure this out.