Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spinning frequency

I think I should try to make my habits predictable. I can't spin everyday and when I do it tends to suck up all my energy. I mean I feel like I should not stop until I am done. Since I am trying to visualize a specific project from a yarn, it makes me say "I need X ounces of this" which is usually a lot of spinning while I am drawn to spinning fine 2-ply yarn.

I understand that assembly style preparation makes it easier to have consistent results but it can easily take over and drive you batty.

One thing I have done is invented an anti-static spray for my fleece as I card and spin it. I shall call it Gob's Spray.
Gob's Spray
4 ounces denatured alcohol
8 ounces water
1 teaspoon fabric softener
This seems to work well. I do however wish I had chosen a less cloying scent. I don't generally use fabric softener and I was looking for something woodsy but "almond" snuggie ended up being well, not what I really want, though the scent fades when it dries. I understand that hair conditioner might work too. I tend to like the scent of my pantene conditoner but I have this huge bottle of fabric softener and I will probably just try to use it up.

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