Monday, March 8, 2010

Yarn Contest Part II

I am going to keep track of my contestants here. I think I will stick to my mindset of drinking coffee half asleep posting.  Jeez, I did the update of the editing stuff and it still is incredibly awkward for me.  Why can't I turn my names into a list?  Maybe that other blogsite is better.

Anyway, I have neglected blogging in general.  Since I found ravelry this just seems redundant even though it is not set up for the topic of this blog, spinning.  I have found so much information there from so many groups and I also get so much feedback it's wonderful, the perfect thing for me to discover as I became more and more snowbound.  I was still processing alpaca fleeces at every level but I did not feel the need to document it here.  I feel a bit guilty about this as I can cover some things more completely if I want to than I can on ravelry.  That's one reason why I have so few readers.

This photo shows the fruit of the weather as well as a ravelympic aspiration which should be completed within a few days.  It is a suri shawl for my mother that I hand dyed, carded, spun and of course knit.  One thing I do like about this blog is that the pictures you post are actually pretty large so if you click on the image it will take up your whole computer screen and perhaps more, the better to see that this is 4 colors of heathered yarn.  I was trying to spin lace weight but it is actually fingering to sport.  Each color is 25-50% natural black suri.  Colors mixed in include golden yellow, bright green, bright violet, a dark aqua and hot pink.  This was not what I imagined I would be doing with it but I like it just the same.  If you are familiar with the pattern I used, Cold Mountain, you might notice that I shortened the center a little bit.  I knew I was short of yarn and that this was going to be long enough anyway.  By all rights I could have stopped 3 days ago but I want it to be symmetric and I spun all that yarn so I am still knitting away.  I did have to card and spin a little extra of the pink to complete it.

So my contestants should note what yarns I have made here.  My weight and twist is a bit inconsistent but not just 'art yarn'.  I think what I make will probably be good for something small but perhaps not socks.  Spinning sock yarn is tricky especially with alpaca.

I suppose I need to promote my contest a bit more as I only have 6 after one day.  I'll try twitter again and maybe post on another forum on ravelry.  Ravelry seems to be most effective.

Here's my list as of this posting.  Thank you all!
I am using this post to add more as they come.
  1. April
  2. Camille
  3. Al Hoff
  4. this mama's dreads
  5. Jenny
  6. LauraGB
  7. Amy
  8. Lori
  9. Rachel
  10. kitten with a whiplash
  11. Lisa(jeepgirl)
  12. one sheep
  13. Megan
  14. fuzzy-slipper
  15. Evelyn
  16. Brenda
  17. Carmela
  18. Tasha
  19. pegmac
  20. francine
PS:  I'm sorry about the rapidly changing background.  I hope everything is legible now!

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