Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I know I should finish writing up those 2 scarves but

I have a new/old/old toy
This sock was made with a handcranked machine
Here it is before it was cleaned up.  The miracle is evaporust, it made everything work, even the cylinder spring.  I'd say it was the springs that were most iffy.  I used old needles which are not in good condition  but they worked well enough, I just can't crank as fast as what I have seen in videos.  Still if I made this by hand I'd be somewhere past the toe.  In theory I will be able to crank out a piar of socks in a few hours.  I'm not sure exactly but it should take less than what it did for this 1 sock.

I got this circular sock machine off ebay years ago.  The resources for this are much better now.  Just Ravelry has made this much easier for me.

I can't wait to get stuff to get this going top speed.  I need one part and don't know if I can find it or if I can improvise something.  I have improvised a lot already.

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