Friday, October 21, 2011

I'm working on something

I'm using the sock machine but of course it isn't socks.  Nope.  My brain forces me in the strangest directions.  I can't share details because it's a secret santa project.  I am just terrible with that sort of thing.  Honestly I tend to make most things for myself anyway.

So I am impatient and selfish.  But I think I am a mad genius.  Can I possibly keep a secret until late December?  I'm not sure.

OK, what I should do is finish this and afterwards I will of course have different permutations from this idea.  Those I can develop and share before Xmas.  Yes, that's the ticket.  Maybe I'll finish writing up those scarves and I'll finish up that cardigan design.  I still do not have anything I am proud of on that front.

I should also make some more socks.  Below is one of a pair I made for Todd.  Once I get some parts I can rib.

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