Friday, November 4, 2011

I don't like to photograph my worksite

because frankly I am messy.  I have been working on a little design on my Legare 400 but it is a christmas surprise so I cannot elaborate.  But what I can share is that Cat Bordhi's sweet tomato heel is a good design for a circular sock machine.

I actually am getting to know this thing which I have decided to call Black Bette because she has been my bête noire.  She is Quebecoise so of course French.

I just finished cranking a pair of thigh highs which don't quite match for several reasons including not keeping track of the tension.  I'd like to make myself a bunch of pairs of stockings and then to figure out how to size them for someone whose legs are not as thin as mine.  I think I might have a friend or two willing to be a guinea pig.

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