Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Formerly Red Monongahela

I overdyed my red monongahela and it ended up being darker than anticipated.  I like the results anyway but hope that Jenn is OK with this.  I do think it is a nice size.  Perfect for a cool night whether you are sitting at home watching TV or going out.  It's just enough to keep off a chill without overheating.
Seeing how it wraps around then overlaps just so makes me want to try a poncho version of this shawl.
I think the neckline will be worked flat and then somewhere between the top photo and the 2nd I will have a 'shawl collar' overlap.  Perhaps I have the perfect number of repeats, 10, for my small frame.
I'll have to work out a few other details but I have just the right homespun suri for this project.

Below is the shawl before I dyed it.  Though it is now not nearly as vibrant I think it has far less potential to clash with things.  Here's me crossing my fingers that Jenn likes it.

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