Monday, July 18, 2011

Monongahela Overview

So as of this moment the Mon has 256 hearts and is queued 104 times.  The pattern was released a week ago today, but nobody has actually started it.  I am afraid that knitters interested in this might be intimidated by the choices.

Below are the prototypes stacked on each other.  The violet is the shawl, brown is the shawlette and the pink is the mini.
Next we have the mini mon dissected.  I drew lines through the center of each repeat and at the boundary line of each 'laceband.'  Note that 1 repeat at each end is generated in laceband one.  In laceband two, a smaller 'repeat' or point, is generated.  The mini monongahela has 3 lacebands and 12 repeats (3/12).
 Next we have the shawl.  It has only 4 repeats and 9 lacebands (4/9).  By laceband 6, another smaller edge point is generated.  Now imagine the shawl below with one extra repeat added.  At that size it should add 20-30┬║  to the shawl.  If you like big shawls that you can really wrap around you you may add as many repeats to it as you like.
 Below is a rough drawing I did to estimate what shape a 6/6 shawl would have.
 Below that is my pie chart to shows about how large each laceband is relative to each other.
I'm not sure if this will be a help or not but if you look at each prototype shawl and how it hangs on me and my husband and all the test knitters you might get an idea of how it might look on you and what might work better for you or whomever you intend your shawl.  I am about 5'7" and my husband is 6 foot even.

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