Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lurking on Ravelry

OK, I've been lurking there looking for discussion of this pattern I released yesterday.  I have no life, or should I say, that that shawl WAS my life for months.  But it ended up being FORTY SIX pages long!
I swear it could not be helped.  I made it as concise as possible.  OK, I repeat myself in the overview but that does not need to be printed.  The instructions are concise except a couple parts where I repeat myself but that's only because of feedback from my test knitters.  A few things needed to be repeated to make them clear. "Let X equal the number of repeats" was a big one.  It's really because the design is unorthodox.  I also tried to make it as easy as possible to figure out what you do need to print.

Gosh, isn't that funny?  I spent countless hours figuring out how to explain myself and now I am impatient to see how many make this and how confused they end up getting.  As of this posting it is in 55 queues and is a favorite of 151 people!  I released it just 25 hours ago.

Can you tell that I am obsessed?  I figure if 25% of the queue gets done that will be great.  Monongahela is honestly a rather strange pattern.  That said once you get it started, and I am not the only one to say this, it's kinda hard to put down.  I designed it to have a sort of rhythm.

I thought I'd also add that there are many different possible versions of this shawl from the PDF.  I'd say that there are more than FORTY SIX versions so maybe the page count is perfectly reasonable.

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