Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bad Girl - new wheel no post

OK kids, I am bad.  Ever since I joined ravelry a blog seems insignificant.  Why?  I get lots of feedback there.  Anyway, I got a new wheel a few weeks ago and painted it up rainbow and sparkly.
I will link to the album.  I really wish blogger let me upload everything in just a few simple steps but they don't so if you like, check out the pictures, Babe gets a paint job.

I like my babe.  It is made of PVC rather than wood which makes it quite different from a wooden wheel.  It is lighter but also more flexible.  When I spin the wheel wobbles but it's OK.  I understand why some would freak out because if it were wood that would be bad but this is different.  It is not as finely tuned as it could be but still the price is great.

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