Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Twenty Batts and One Cat

Here they are!
First up is the brown scurf.

Second is the Minnesota white.

Third is it all together arranged in the sequence that I intend to spin it.  I decided to step the hue contrast 3 steps.  It is imperfect as I did not dye any orange.
And finally Abe looking sweet.

I decided rather that carding the colors together to blend them to instead split the batts into strips and alternate them.

One thing that is a must, or at least helpful is a scale.  I used it to weigh out  the fiber to be equal before dying.  I weigh each batt after carding to make sure that the white and brown remained close to equal.  I used the scale to make sure that I blended the colors fairly equally.  The way things stand right now the brown weighs 127 grams while the white weighs 125 grams.
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