Monday, September 27, 2010


Here's all of what was in the green dye mason jar.  Considering that I stuffed it in there it is not dyed consistently.  I have come to like the effect that results.  Look at those crazy colors.  The green in this batch is the prettiest so that is what I am sharing with you. The silk on the bottom is bombyx silk roving while the stuff on top is tussah noils.  This will end up being about 40% silk.
I have carded the yellow.  I intend to spin up the brown separate from the 'white' each as a single ply  I tried using a comb on the white and I think I prefer the carding results I got with the brown.  I think I will stick with my drum carder for this project.
Last we have a photo trick taken with the macbook camera.  Pretend that my fingers are not holding that caterpillar sized swatch.
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