Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten Batts, Two Cats

I always take advantage of Abe.  I twisted a purple batt around his neck, not tightly mind you, just enough to stay put for a photo.  He's such a good sport.The Cheddarhead however likes to pretend to ignore me.  His coat does not blend in with other colors like Abe's does, and like the lovely Sally's coat did so I don't see myself using him as a model as much, even if he gets tame.

I didn't mean to upload the 3rd photo but it's nice anyway.  I like the shape of this 4th photo better.

I'm not actually done carding.  I intend to divide them all in half.  One half will remain as is the other half will be divided in half again and carded once with its neighbor.

If that doesn't make sense tomorrow it should assuming I card it then.  At any rate, I am done with carding today.  If all goes well tomorrow I will have 20 batts.  If you click on either image of the batts to see them HUGE you might notice that the yellow is not smoothly blended like the others.  I experimented with combing it and in this instance the drum carder worked much better.

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