Sunday, September 25, 2011

I was all done with the creeks and then...

I thought of a way to make them nicer.  I called them 'pools' but now I want to do away with the originals but I don't have my prototypes knit up and I wish I had made them of my homespun suri.  Alas most knitters, or dare I say 99+% will not be able to find a yarn comparable to my homespun.

If you are a spinner who goes fleece to finished object you should get a very nice raw suri fleece.  They are harder to process than other fibers but I've become addicted to the results.  You can use a drum carder but it's very tricky.  I think combing works better but it takes much more work.

Anyway, it is frustrating that I have ideas and I can't knit them fast enough.  I am trying to finish a sweater.  Again I used sock yarn for my 1st prototype, which I am changing a lot but it sorta makes me sad to have to use wool instead of my nice soft drapey suri.  This sweater is designed for drapey fibers.  I suppose silk can work too but I don't like it as much.  I intend to incorporate some lace in this, of the sort that Kieren Foley does.  I want it to fit the structure though which is complicated.

I really should finish the creeks first.

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