Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nine Mile Run 'Pool'

Below is a test knit of Nine Mile Run 'Pool.'  I kinda like this variation better than the original Nine Mile Run, but that's me being picky.  I guess that there's pluses for both.  Anyway, varigated yarn isn't best for this.  I might overdye it so that the lace shows better but I did get a sense od what this pattern is like. I always like alpaca better though.  I intend to knit up the Turtle Creel Pool variation shortly. 
Notice the 'crown point' shape that I blocked this.  I like that better than straight points.  For this I chose 21 repeats because I estimated that that would be just enough to use up the 210 meters of yarn in my skein.  My estimate was off.  I needed a bit extra.  Based on my current calculations 210 meters can accomodate 20 repeats in this pattern and a each repeat needs 13 yards or 11.66 meters.  I am really bad at estimating yardage.  Maybe my gauge got loose or something.
ETA:  My current guess, with more input, is 10 meters a repeat.  This is actually my 1st guess.  In this case I added up the stitches of the repeats and the stitches of the edges and it works out.  At least until I find some glaring error on my part.
ETA:  I had a couple numbers wrong.  It's kinds tricky reconciling the edges to the repeats.  Anyway, my current number is 11 meters a repeat or 12 yards.
Also, as of yesterday, the 12th of September Monongahela was downloaded 1500 times!  This is amazing.  It's also amazing to me that only 2 projects  that I know of have been started since Monongahela's release.  C'mon folks!  That's 0.1333333333 percent of the downloads!  I was think maybe 1 in 5 downloads would turn into projects.

But now I consider my own track record.  I will pause and look at my project to queued ratio on ravelry.  Hmm, I only queued 4 projects and I think I will eventually do at least 1 of them.  I too have downloaded a free project without intending to make it right away.  OK, a more realistic expectation is perhaps 1 in 20?  I can't really say until a year, or at least a few months pass.  It has been 2 months already.  I do like to pretend that if this pattern had cost 1 dollar that it might have sold like it did free and then I'd have $1500 in my bank but I know that that's not realistic at all.

I can say that the Youghiogheny has been bought 7 times in 3 weeks.  I'd imagine that the Monongahela, being a shawl would sell at 6 to 8 times that, just based on the hearts each got.Posted by Picasa

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