Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Made a mistake... designed a new scarf.

You know that first draft of Nine Mile Run?  I messed it up.  OK, so now I fixed it I think, but the result is a new design.  I am sticking with the waterway theme so this new scarf is called Turtle Creek.  It's till on the needles but will be off shortly.  I think I will offer each pattern separately for 3 dollars or 2 for 5 dollars.

Eventually I will offer everything in the waterways theme in an ebook.  I am thinking about designing some frilly fingerless gloves to go with these.  I have found that as I wrap my body in a shawl or poncho that my bare arms get cold and I think that they both look a bit more snappy when worn together.  Maybe I'll knit up a poncho that serves well as a skirt (over leggings anyway) to complete this, or maybe a sock... naw, no socks!

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