Sunday, September 25, 2011

OK, so I finished the 2nd creek.

It was closer to being finished than I remember.  Maybe my attention span is getting better.  I certainly have been drinking enough coffee to keep my mind sharper which has in recent years gotten more difficult.

So I finished that and picked up my cardigan project and again I realized that I am farther along than I thought I was.  And it looks nicer than I remember too, but again, I wish I were able to just pick up some suri yarn and go.

Maybe if I sold my homespun, for an insanely high price it could catch on as a new luxury yarn.  My goal would be not so much to sell it, but to force others to make it.  I think if I paid myself a decent wage I'd charge 200 bucks per 100grams, naw, it'd have to be higher than that.  Uh anyway, my sockyarn cardigan looks OK.  I have been good about charting as I go and I even remember what my made up symbols for things mean even if I have no idea what it's actually called.

Yes, I am making up things again.  Yes, I should test knit this before release.  Yes, this time I will be pickier about my test knitters.  I want to make them sign an agreement in blood that they WILL document, photograph and communicate with me in a timely manner.

Most of my test knitters were awesome but some just kinda flaked out.  Granted, by my casual attitude I allowed myself to be equally irresponsible but over time I took my project very seriously.

But I digress.  I need now to rechart all for this cardigan in mirror image.  It's one of those left half, right half things, a side to side thing.  I know once I throw lace into the mix that I will need to be very careful to accomodate knitters who are not gobbists like myself, that is 95% of the knitting population that knit one direction only.

Anyway, before I get there I will reacquaint myself with my pattern as I finish my dull sockyarn version.  I did take a few days to spin up most of what I will need for my spectacular suri version but now I am back to writing and knitting.

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