Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Frisco Rainbow

Wow that sounds sorta gay. Hope I do not offend anyone by that observation but really! If I google "Frisco Rainbow" what images will appear.


Hmm, it's less exciting than I imagined. I like the poodle. This was by the way not a safe search.

For those who missed my previous post, Frisco is the name of the alpaca whose fleece made this yarn. I just dyed this and showing little restraint ended up with rainbow colored yarn. Now imagine how much brighter it would be if it had started out being white.
It was not white, it was fawn, actually it was this color. Below is, dare I say it, my mom contemplating eggplants from my garden. For those curious they are ghostbuster and turkish orange. The hat and scarf she is wearing both came from Frisco's fleece.I washed this hat and scarf combo about 8 times before it stopped feeling waxy. Yes, Frisco's fleece feels waxy, not quite greasy, more waxy but once it's clean it is pretty nice.
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