Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Scarf on the Wire

I decided it would be nice to post a scarf being made to show what I am doing. My idea was to make a hybrid between a scarf and a shawl. Most of the yarn I have spun has been pretty fine. I have been knitting it up on fairly large needles for its gauge so they can be pretty wide without being bulky.

So after 2 scarves I settled on doing a magic cast on to start it in the middle, its widest part. If you don't know the magic cast on, watch Cat Bordhi demonstrates Judy Becker's Magic Cast-On. It's how I really figured it out even though I did buy her book. So I have one 40"(100cm) needle which holds both the top and bottom. I knit a few straight rows and am now decreasing one stitch every other row.

I've been making each scarf a little wider and longer than the last. The 3 scarves in the last post were knitted with a fine fawn yarn then dyed after completion. The scarf in this post was fiber dyed, that is the fiber was dyed before carding or spinning. I suppose this could be "Barbara Bush Blue". While I was never particularly fond of her, though I think Laura Bush is pretty cool, I do like this color. I understand that blue is universally appealing to people. I want to do a red/orange scarf next.
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