Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Two-tone Suri Yarn

This is my 1st attempt at blending colors in the carder. I thought I'd try just mixing these colors. Here is the result.
And here is a batt that shows That I simply carded yellow on top of red just after carding each color separately twice. I can say that for this second batch I had technical problems because the fawn came from Zinn's fleece who has excessively long locks. They kept getting stuck on the licker drum which I would feed onto the main drum. I sorta think I should do something special with Zinn's fleece because it is so long but I don't know what.
I threw in this picture of the 'rainbow socks' which do not look like a rainbow now. They ended up being a little bit too large for Todd's feet so I shrank them slightly. Now they fit perfectly whehter he chooses to wear them alone or over another pair of socks. The colors became muted though, now they are blue with colorful flecks, better suited to Todd. I finally managed to make him something nice!
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