Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Suri Roving Braids

I love using cats to model things.

So here's my 1st 2 roving braids. They all came from Zinn's fleece except for 50% of the yellow which is unidentified. I used a flash photo because it better illustrates how shiny suri is.
If I sell this,what should I charge? Should I just stockpile this considering how slowly I produce this stuff and wait for the unemployment rate to improve? Two years ago I'm pretty sure my profit margin would have been much higher but I also would have paid more for the fleeces.
Anyway, the bluish braid has all pea green roving, carder blended blue and purple, and carder blended green and blue. I carded the colors together three times from the raw dyed fleece. The earthy braid is natural fawn, dyed yellow and dyed orange. Each braid is just over 3 ounces in weight.
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