Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Learning Curve

My learning curve. Perhaps it is getting slightly less steep. Abe looks annoyed here but I assure you that's his macho look. I am knitting a pair of mermaid gloves. Craftaholic has inspired alot of people with this design which is... well, go to the blog post and you'll see. I have a feeling that mine won't be quite as nice as some but they'll do. I was going to make socks but those gloves are just so beautiful.
I am starting to stockpile batts. I think I should sit on them for a while rather than try to sell them. As I have said before my learning curve is getting less steep but it is still pretty steep and our economy is pretty bad. You'll notice that some batts are vividly dyed. Those are my latest. Some however are less vivid in part because I started with fawn but still they would be brighter if I had known then what I know now. The pre-dye soak is helped with salt and citric acid. That has made a world of difference.
Basically my fleeces are all bargain basement. They were all in garbage bags and not very clean. Quality is inconsistent but overall so far has been high.
So anyway I have been working with a couple 'jane doe' fleeces, that is a suri and huacaya that did not have any name written on them. I wonder if this is a reflection of their quality because they both seem to have a shorter staple than most of what I have worked with so far but they still are both pretty fine. I sorta feel most comfortable experimenting with lesser stuff.
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  1. You do poison ivy removal?? I have an aunt Ivy, could you remove her? I tip well...

  2. If you'll kindly pay for my flight I will do my best!