Saturday, October 10, 2009

I decided I wanted some socks for myself (or sexy socks)

The socks, with gratuitous knude knees
So, I've been all about the suri. I love love love suri. But it isn't the thing for socks unless I do something really fine and fancy. I think it's beautiful for fairly fine scarves, shawls and stoles and I think I wanna do a skirt but socks? Nope!
I was feeling guilty for making things not for others so I told Todd I'd make him some socks. Fortunately I had a large skein that I hadn't used which is amazing for me. Generally I spin something than knit it up immediately. If I need more, I must spin more which also means more carding. What a process! We really do have it easy now.
OK, so here's me deciding something that is forcing me to wash, dye, card and spin something. I have an off white huacaya fleece labeled 'blue' that I used. I finally suceeded in dying something bright colors. I suppose that learning things from google takes time. Maybe if I had in addition to pre-washing with synthrapol if I were to add some citric acid and some salt my fiber will take dye better. I think that's how it works.
Anyway, I could have taken pictures but I can't get cat's to pose with wet fiber. It's just bright turquoise and purple stuff, this time it might be too bright. I might experiment with blending it with some darker fleece to tone it down. I sorta can' t wait to see how this goes.
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