Friday, October 16, 2009

Stucco's Scarf

I finished Todd's scarf. I think the color there is pretty close to reality. I am finding that the things I make here translate much better in person than via a photo. Just the incredible texture cannot be translated. I love suri.
On Todd's head is a hat I knitted him years ago. It is huacaya cria. I can't say which is softer. The hat is partially felted. It is a better texture for a hat. Anyway, when it gets colder, Todd will be ready.
I also changed my initial design. Instead of reducing it a stitch every other row, I reduced by a stitch every 4 rows. I started with 54 stitches in the center via magic cast on as illustrated by my previous post, beginning a scarf and decreased at that rate until I had 26 stitches then I increased the decrease to a stitch every other row. When if had 20 stitches I decreased a stitch every row until it had 5 stitches and I bound that off, weaving in the end.
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