Sunday, October 11, 2009

Some Steps

I'm trying to make a scarf for Todd that I won't be inclined to steal, something that isn't a 'girly' scarf. What follows is an attempt. I monkeyed with the colors in the photos as they are not true to life. These are closer I think.
I intended to spin this up thin so I made some pencil roving. I don't understand why people say suri is hard to spin. I have no perspective but I've found it just as simple as anything else. much of my roving came from Zinn's fleece, which has very long locks. This may have made things easier, though it sure didn't help make the carding easier! That was a pain.
Here's what the yarn looks like. I measured out the roving to alternate colors regularly. I have a pretty specific scarf design that starts out wide in the center and tapers. So for the dirty purple I started with 10 measures then ended with 7 as I alternated with the other colors.
I decided to post my drying rack. We have a 2nd full bathroom that we seldom use that had no soap shelves built in so we ended up putting this corner shower shelf thing in when we had some folks staying with us and it is perfect for stretching out freshly washed skeins.
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