Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I am renaming my poncho

My 1st inclination was to call it Tygart after the tributary of the Monongahela in West Virginia, but I didn't like the backstory of the name.  Tygart is named after a poor settler David Tygart, who fled the area after being attacked by the locals.  I actually have not spent much time in that area anyway, I mostly worked with a bunch of folks from Grafton.  On the other hand I have visited the Youghiogheny numerous times and I always got a kick out of Rocky and Bullwinkle making reference to it in that episode in McKeesport where their rivals were the 'Mud City Manglers.'  There is a local band here called that and they rock and I know them pretty well.  If they ever got their act together I think that they'd do well in Australia.  Seriously!

Uh, so anyway, the Youghiogheny(pronunciation), loosely translated means "water which flows in a contradictory direction, or water that turns upon itself," which suits this pattern.

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