Monday, August 1, 2011

Monongahela Video Instruction

This is a mirror of my ravelry Video Instruction page.  I am sort of assuming that most who visit here now know about ravelry but just in case there is somebody out there who is interested in making this shawl but is intimidated and not aware of ravelry or did not see these videos I am posting it here.

So here it is;

This Demo is not the same as the swatch, it is abbreviated in fact I had to jerry-rig an extra row not videoed to make it match up right.
I apologize in advance that I have a strange knitting style. I actually prefer purling for some reason and changed to knit for you. I also had to remember which way is right handed since I tend to do either one without thinking. I also am knitting back and forth rather than turning my work because it’s what I do and I don’t think that the return row really needs to be explained.
Part I: Provisional cast-on, I-cord Cast on, I-cord Selvage, Adding Stitchmarkers, and Ground Zero
For some reason a lot of people were confused by the I-cord cast-on. Anyway this first video runs through ALL of ground zero which is admittedly fiddly.
NOTE: Rather than a ‘central double decrease’ the double decrease should be called SK2P - slip 1st, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over, at least that is easier for most knitters 

Also note that I am using huge needles only to make it easier to see what I am doing.
Part II: A bunch of YOs and a Wrap & Turn
This part is less mandatory to watch but it does paraphrase part of the pattern. Again I do not turn my work. If that makes the wrap and turn technique confusing there are better videos to explain it like this, How to Knit Short Rows(knitpicks), but this illustrates WHERE some of the wrap and turns are in this pattern. 
Part III: Edge instructions. You probably should watch this if the written instructions confuse you. Base of Points, First Edge Selvage/Second Edge Set-up, I-cord Reducing Selvage, Backwards Loop Cast-on 
Top of Point I-cord Cast-off, Second Edge I-cord Cast-off, Transition between Points

NOTE: I changed 2 things on the chart I am following on this video, one is that I eliminated the ‘★’ and I added a ‘VV’ to represent the slipped stitches. I believe that that makes the charts more standard.
ALSO: the YO on the left side of each point has been replaced with my special symbol for a backwards loop cast on (BLCO), pictured on the right. 
Part IV: More Edge instruction, just in case you didn’t get enough AND the Final Point which is a little different from the other Points. This is a bit repetitive but I did it because this is the part that was most confusing for my test-knitters.
The actual Final Point starts at 11:00. It is easier than the other point(s) but you might want to watch it anyway. 

If I seem too chatty just mute it and turn on some noise you really enjoy. I do however address making sure you get the tension of the backwards loops correct.
From what I understand this series of videos really helped make this pattern comprehendible.

For some reason Blogger won't let you upsize the videos to fit the whole screen. They aren't big enough unless you do. @%#%$^$&^(*!!!!! Blogger is also doing some weird formatting things with other things in this little post and messing up my feeble brain. UM, never mind.

Uh, if you'd rather not flip back and forth from youtube to view these videos at full screen, go to Ravelry Monongahela Video instructions. Of course you must join ravelry to see this but it is worth it if you are a knitter.

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