Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Working on a new design

This is a cardigan that I've begged to be designed.  I'm not good with such things because I tend not to want to think about things like gauge but I want this.  My prototype does not have lace but I intend that the final one will be lacy.  I am using sock yarn and it's strange how much I wish it was some nice homespun suri alpaca.  It just takes too long to process and spin to catch up to my brain and its very short attention span.

Anyway, I am also thinking about eventually turning Monongahela and Youghiogheny into an ebook.  Monongahela is already kinda an ebook.  I'd add a few specific things, expand on things I felt the need to cut out before.  I do have a scarf, Nine Mile Run, that I will write up as part of it.  I can think of other things to add to make it easy for a creative person to better explore what one can do with the basic structure.  Maybe some fingerless gloves will be part of that, I'm not sure yet, but I'd like to see what the limits are to my general idea.

I do want my designs to be best done up in something drapey like suri alpaca.  You know, I have NEVER seen any yarn in a store that resembles my homespun suri.  It's sad but understandable.  I have to admit that suri is labor intensive to process but the results are incredible.  I still have more than 50 pounds of prime raw fleeces.  Sigh.

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