Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Youghiogheny has been released

And it is not free.  I decided 5 dollars is reasonable but now I have to reactivate my paypal account.  I did use paypal a few times a few years ago so I have an account, but I find it annoying so I bypassed it in recent years paying for things via visa or mastercard.  Anyway, since I decided to do a ravelry upload it pays via paypal so now I have to go through a few hoops to get it going again.

I sorta hate money as a concept but it does work well to keep me fed and sheltered so I use it.  I gotta admit that I am one of those people under prepared for actual retirement.

Uh so anyway, I hope that those who upload my pattern are not delayed by my paypal stuff.  I think that despite myself that one should be able to upload it right?  If I am wrong I hope to rectify that within 48 hours.

A MORE RECENT ETA:  Just in case you got this one post.  I am paypal verified!  There will be no more unnecessary delays.
ETA:  If you purchased Youghiogheny and are waiting for me to accept payment it might be helpful to check out Monongahela.  Both the standard and smaller neckline start like Monongahela up through Laceband One.  The only problem is that you are better off starting with a specific number of repeats which is explained in the pattern.  The round neckline is different, it is joined once cast on rather than a few rows in.  Anyway, Monongahela does include a swatch, which you may try out to get gauge and to better understand how this poncho works.  In addition there are 2 pages explaining specifics as well as a 4 part video.

I am really sorry for the delay.  If I had known that Paypal would do this to me I would have made certain it was activated before releasing this pattern.

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