Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Freeform Sweater

The 1st 2 images are my hornshaw skeinwinder.  I put a peg outside because I always wind it pretty tight off the bobbin so I thought maybe think will give me more room.  I can never fit the skein back on after i wash it at the same circumference.

Here's the armholes of my freeform sweater.  I think I want to make another one but do a quick video to explain my madness.  If you compare my 2 shoulders you may notice that the lower stitchmarker in the upper image sits lower than the 2nd image.  I will try to compensate for that.  I just cast on randomly.  I think I might make this only 3/4 sleeve length.  Perhaps i won't even worry about whether the sleeves match up.  I did a lace hem that I sorta wish I hadn't.  It gives it a formality that is kinda wrong for this sweater because it's all off kilter.  It might end up looking better when it's all done though.  I just want to make something that fits without a whole lot of thought.

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