Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm still not done writing up Monongahela but...

I do have some thoughts about the test knits.  In this pattern there are 2 main variables which I will call X and Y.  X represents the repeats within the bands while Y represents the lace bands.
In the shawl above X equals 4 while Y equals 9.  It might seem that X is greater but there is a regular expansion of the lace band not only from within but also from the edge.  I designed it to be greater than 180º and it is.  It sits on my shoulders just fine.

In this 2nd case, X equals 12 while Y equals 3.  This shawlette has 14 main points because of edge expansion.  The shawl above has 10 main points.  I suppose that the triangles would be less obtuse if X were greater.

Anyway one question I will ask my test knitters is what their X and Y are.  I think I will want 3 standard sizes.

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