Monday, March 21, 2011

I Charted Up Monongahela up to 13 but I only knit it up to 9

Should I publish up to 13?  I think it would be cool if someone knit it up to 13 in a finer gauge.  The chart gets really big.  here's 12a.  It seems that I have yet to render 13a to an image.
That's funny.  I can't quite remember what the heck I was doing there.  But you can see that though it is based on a simple progression that it gets really big.  Maybe I'll stop at 12.

Ha ha ha, now that I look at the image it's really hard to read, even the full version on my computer so maybe I should stop at 11.  Why is that so big?  Well it's really a simple progression but it's graduated.  At that level there are 4 different sized triangles.

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