Saturday, March 19, 2011

It's a funny thing

So now I HAVE to finish writing up my pattern.  Because it is a logical progression I found that as I knit up my 2nd, well, actually 3rd version of my design that I didn't have to absolutely look at my instructions and it was only after reviewing it that I found mistakes, numerical in nature.

So OK, that shouldn't be too hard to fix.  But then there's the cast off.  I made up this thing and I do things that I do not know the name for.  I don't think it's that complicated but I will need an assist from someone who knows terminology.  This loop went through that loop... what the eF is that called?  Um, K loop one row below... yeah, that sounds right.

I think I should also write a a swatch to go with this.  It will help folks get gauge and I can also make it teach that one tricky thing I am calling " Um, K loop one row below."

By the way, one thing that has been incredibly helpful is the program Intwined.  It does lots of cool stuff.

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