Friday, March 18, 2011

I must finish writing up this pattern

I made a test knit group on ravelry, Monongahela Test Knits.  All interested may check in there

You know the one, Monongahela.  So here's the deal.  I will need some test knitters.  This is a first for me but I've decided a few things.  There will be 2(er... 3) main versions, one a shawlette, the other a full shawl(and a mini).  In the directions will be options to go in between those sizes.  I will want some test knitters that prefer written and some that prefer charted instructions.

So that's 4(er.. 6) groups of test knitters.
  1. Shawlette, written
  2. Shawlette, charted
  3. Shawl, written
  4. Shawl, charted
  5. (Mini, written)
  6. (Mini, charted)
Here's me concentrating.  The purple shawl is knit of light fingering.

I also think that this design looks different and quite nice in different weights of yarn.  In a heavier weight I think it is a very nice manshawl.   By the way, the shawl below is a proto-type that is slightly different than what I have written up.  The manly shawl is of sport weight.
I don't know whether of not I should have it test knit in multiple yarn weights but I'd like it to ultimately be knit up by the general public in whatever weight suits them.  I also have a problem with needle size because I knit very loosely.  I figure if I do a gauge then it should all make sense.  I think I might want to include a small gauge swatch pattern in there like I have seen in other patterns.

If you would like to participate in this test knit, please leave a comment below.  EDIT:  You may now go to Monongahela Shawl Testers.   I'll leave the comments of all who are still interested but it is no longer necessary to comment on this blog.  In addition to finishing up writing up this pattern I will work on banner and badge art.  I hope to get my group running within a day of this update(march 27).  I have had a healthy amount of interest but I think I can deal with more testers.  Perhaps I am naive but I think I'd be OK with a few more.
    ETA:  My latest variation, behold the Mini-Monongahela

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    many thanks!


    1. Hi!
      This looks like a beautiful shawl (I discovered it via the Spun to Knit thread on rav) and I would love to test knit it. My rav name is faerie, and I would prefer to do the shawl version, probably in laceweight, but I'm flexible...

    2. I would enjoy doing either the shawl in either fingering or lace weight. Using chart please.
      My Ravelry username is martik

    3. I'm lfmcginnis on rav and I'd prefer to do a shawl, but could do the shawlette if you need me to. I'm not so good with charts yet, but I'm willing to use whatever weight yarn you'd like me to.

    4. I would love to do the shawlette version probably in either fingering or sport weight (sport only if it can be got out of one skein). I prefer charted
      I'm Sewsable on Ravelry

    5. Hello Gabrielle!
      I fall into the *Shawlette: written* group. I'd like to use some heavy fingering/4ply yarn for this particular project but, like Faerie up there ^^ am very flexible on yarn weight if you'd prefer a range of thicknesses etc. My Ravelry username is Katiebunny. Thanks!

    6. I would be willing to do either shawl or shawlette (written pattern).

      My rav name is MsMonkeypants

    7. I hope this isn't coming through twice. I had a login issue.

      Congratulations on a beautiful piece! I would love to be in group 4, charted shawl. I would prefer fingering, but am happy to go up in yarn weight.

      My rav name is lunarawe

    8. I'm interested in either shawl or shawlette - my Rav name is Kindy - I think this pattern is just stunning. I like to work with charts

    9. I will do either shawl or shawlette - prefer written instructions and fingering weight yarn. Rav name is unitwo. I was attracted to the name (saw it on blocked/unblocked board) as I grew up south of the Monongahela River.

    10. These are gorgeous, and I'm already eyeing some laceweight that's been floating around the stash! I'd like to knit the shawlette charted, and my Rav name is raequiem.

    11. I would love to knit your beautiful shawl and would prefer lace or fingeringweight.
      My Ravelry name is: Droelma

      I just took a little time after a long day at work to check out Ravelry and found you......quite q reward before making dinner and dong some
      Oh, almost forgot.....I think I would like to try written instructions.
      Thanks and Good Luck !

    12. Lovely!

      I'd love to test either the mini or the shawlette version for you. I prefer Charted directions, but I can handle written.
      I would be using either fingering or laceweight, depending on the yardage.
      My ravelry name is rosegil.

    13. I just followed you here after seeing the mini on Ravelry!



    14. Hi there!
      Please sign me up for the min-shawlette charted, I prefer fingering weight, and my rav name is Claudia321.

    15. Hi! I love seeing this in Ravelry and would love to test knit for you. My Ravelry name is lurv2knit and would want to do the charted mini in lace weight. Can't wait to see more examples.

    16. Your Ravelry name - JacquelineH
      Written or Charted - charted
      Shawl, Shawlette or Mini - shawlette or mini, don't mind :)
      Lace, Fingering or Sport - fingering