Friday, March 25, 2011

How do I do This?

Vain creature that I am, I post yet another photo of myself.  OK, it's me looking silly but anyway...

 I am thinking about how to vet my pattern.  My design has a lot of variation to be called a simple singular pattern and I'd like to vet various ways of doing it.    I started out with 2 variations and now I have 3 main variations.  I think that I should write out the 3 explicitly and let the others to require more thought.  I suppose that my model for this sort of thinking is Echo Flower Shawl KAL Group on Ravelry.  It was in that group that I saw how much variation there can be in one pattern and how incredibly helpful it is to have a group share their experiences with each other.  Plus I believe with a group like that I personally can better help anyone with issues with this pattern.

I think I have enough interest in what I am doing for this to be worth it.  Gentle reader, if you have a strong opinion about this do not hesitate to comment.
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