Sunday, March 20, 2011


I think I probably have enough volunteers and I am working on finishing up writing up the pattern but I realize that I'm not sure how I want test knitting to go.

  1. am not sure how many knitters I need.  I intend to make this a free release so does it really matter?  I think a minimum of 2 per category is good but I also don't want to limit what people want.  It is sorta designed so you can finish it at whatever level you want with perhaps a minimum of 3.  I have another open option that I'd like to see get tested in the design as well.  I charted it out beyond the larger shawl I made and I'd love to see that come to life in a finer gauge than what I knit up.
  2. don't know how long it should take.  I sorta feel like that should be a decision made by the knitter's mood.  That is definitely too vague.
  3. I have no deadline, at least not now though I should make one because I know I will get impatient despite myself.
  4. I need to guess what size needle normal people need.  I used something much smaller than normal people do.
  5. I guess I have some idea of the yardage of what I made but again, I love the idea of people going with whatever,
  6. I think my pattern is simple but I threw in a few twists.  I figure it's intermediate lace.
  7. I think I want to do a PDF
  8. I am doing written with abbreviations and charted instructions
  9. I don't care if my pattern testers are inexperienced in part because I am an inexperienced designer
  10. I would like digital photos of FOs
  11. I'm not sure if I am best off going back to ravelry to an official test knitter group or if I can handle it all via this blog.
Anyway, my list is my answers to the pattern tester template on ravelry.  It did occur to me just now that it would be a good exercise for me to knit up a really cute scarf variation of my pattern.  I think I can include that as another option for my test knitters.  And I started a scarf a week or so ago that oughta be frogged.

And now, back to my glass of wine.

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